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Launch Pad 41


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Launch Pad 41, located at Cape Canaveral FL, was the location that many Titan rocket were launched into space.  These rockets ushered in many successful explorative probes such as Helios, Voyager, Viking, and Cassini-Huygens.  In 1999 the launch pad was demolished and refurbished to allow the Atlas program to take hold which, so far, has put Juno and New Horizens into space.

When the Titan rocket was assembled, it was done on a different location on a gantry.  The gantry was then pushed out to the pad via two EMD SW8 locomotives.  The same system is done today for the Atlas system.  Although the two locomotives were decommisioned and replaced with something completely different.  I also believe the gantry was kept over from the original demolition, but I am waiting on research contacts to get back with me.

This project aims to replicate in 1/110 scale the actual launch pad 41 to accommodate a few rockets that have been designed by me and Eiffleman. So I consider this a collaborative project.  The main rockets are my Titan IIIE, Titan IVB, and Eiffeman's Titan IIIC.  Also depending on research garnered, I will probably try to accommodate my Atlas V 551 on the gantry with some slight mods.  The pad itself has levels that come out that allow access to the rocket for crews to check on the rocket.  All known levels were created for this model.  Planned improvements are the two trains, expanded rail like system, and train wheels for the gantry.

You can find my Titan IIIE, Titan IVB, and Atlas V 551 rockets here.  Eiffleman's Titan IIIC can be found here under the updates.  Thanks for your support.

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