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Subnautica: The Reaper Leviathan and Seamoth

Welcome to Alterra!
It seems that your mission has taken a bit of a turn and youve and you've found yourself stranded on Planet 4546B. Alterra has provided all the nessesary equipment for you to gather supplies and construct all amenties to live out the rest of your life comfortably on the sub-aquatic terain of Planet 4546B. Warning: proceed with caution, preleminary scans indicate that many leviathan class lifeforms inhabit the planet.
About the Model
This model depicts the two of the most iconic parts of the video game Subnautica: the Reaper Leviathan and the Seamoth. Both are roughly minifig scale The model also captures many of the iconic flora and fauna that can be found throughout the world of Subnautica. Another inclusion is wreckage from the Aurora that can be found throughout the map. I wanted to capture many of the diffrent aspects of the world of Subnautica, so I foccused on capturing the smaller fish, mushrooms, and grass that are found across the sands and caves of Planet 4546B.

Reaper Leviathan Demensions (extended)
Length: 18.9 inches
Width: 10 inches
Height: 7.4 inches

Seamoth Demensions
Length: 4.2 inches
Width: 3.1 inches
Height: 2.9 inches

Why Subnautica?
Subnautica is one of my favorite video games and LEGO is absolutely my favorite hobby. In my free time I built what i consider to be the most iconic moment that can be incountered in game. When exploring the waters around the crash site of the Aurora, you hear a roar in the distance before you turn around in your first submane, facing the Reaper Leviathan. The massive beast takes hold of the tiny Seamoth with its four mandibles. After a few seconds of being bounced around like a toy for a few second you are given the opportuniy to escape the jaws. As you push your little sub to its limits you hear the roars begin to grow quiet, knowing you've escaped for now.

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