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1:38 Scale MÁV Bbmot - 631 Loocmotive

Build your own Bbmot 631 Locomotive

I built this model to represent a qiute unique locomotive from the 1960s hungarian railroad. This locomotive is the successor of the ABbmot with a little difference, the ABbmot had 1st and 2nd class sections while the Bbmot has only 2nd class section.

This locomotive has 5 axles, 3 axles in the driven bogie and 2 axles in the run bogie. The driven bogie's side axles are powered, the middle axle helps the model to make it easier to turn in the curves.

The locomotive is powered by 2 powered up XL motors (88014) the motors are connected to the battery (88009). You can easily turn on the battery by pushing the 2x4 tile that takes place on the top of the model (there is a 1x1 round tile that helps you find the switch on mechanism)

The model features fully detailed interior, such as seats with adjustable backs, tiltable tables, trash cans to every seat. Every door inside the model are openable, even the toilet doors. The toilets are really detailed, they have sinks, toilet papers, air fresheners. The doors on the side of the loco are also openable, there is a sliding door for the baggages, a white door for the passengers and two smaller doors for the drivers. The doors on the front of the model are just imitation, the black tiles can be tilted down, this part connects the locomotive with the connected coach.

Driver's cab on the engine side is detailed but there wasn't enough space to fit the seats due to the lack of space that the motors take up. On the passenger side of the model the driver's cab is completely done with seats, control panels and even a coffee mug takes place.

The model is built in 1:38 scale, i choosed this scale because it makes the model individual among the other train models. The model is 10 studs wide, the bogies 8 studs wide to fit on the lego rails. I built this model as massive as i could the handle the weight of itself (2,6kgs). The model is only built in studio i didn't had the opportunity yet to build it in real life.

The model is 76cms long, 11cms wide and 14cms high, i belive if you love huge lego train models this model would be a very beautiful and unique model in your collection.

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