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Classic Carriage


The Classic Carriage is a build meant to capture the style of travel during the late 1800s, right before the automobile began to take on a greater presence in society. It will also include the minifigs seen in the main image, but with different designs of course. The design is inspired by a mixture of carriage designs that existed during the late 1800s, and the model itself includes many fun play features and details, which are shown in the images provided. Below are some descriptions for these images:

  1. The carriage has 2 doors on either side that can easily be opened to reveal what seems to be a, wait, is that an interior I see in there?
  2. It is indeed, the model also has a detailed interior that can allow up to 2 minifigs to be seated while the carriage is driven to its destination. Minifigs will be able to travel with great comfort in this carriage.
  3. There is also windows all around the carriage interior to allow the minifigs inside to view the surroundings while they journey through the world in style.
  4. The carriage can also turn left or right to allow for a journey full of safety and avoid things like falling off a cliff or hitting things on the road. 

As can be seen, this carriage has everything a minifig needs to travel with comfort, style, and safety, so how about throwing some support for this carriage. Thanks for stopping by! These images are also available on my Flickr page. 


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