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The Room 4: Old Sins - Dollhouse


Seasonal makeovers!

it’s the festive season🎅🏻🎄, so the perfect time to give the dollhouse a snowy makeover!!

And I forgot to post this at Halloween, where things all got a bit spooky around Waldegrave Manor💀🎃



I thought I'd make a short video showcasing the various nooks and crannies of the dollhouse, check it out below, and if you've not supported (or commented) yet then now's your chance 😉!


More Press for the Dollhouse!

Following the awesome features in EurogamerKotakuRock, Paper, Shotgun & Pocketgamer I was over the moon to see my project also get coverage in another big gaming website called TouchArcade, as well as real-life escape room website Room Escape Artist and the wonderful Lego news & reviews website The Brick Post.
MASSIVE thanks to everyone involved and everyone who continues to support my Lego Ideas projects, I really appreciate it!

Roger (aka Lego CustardKid)


Over 1000 supports in under a week!

I was overjoyed to see the dollhouse reach 1000 supports last Friday and humbled that it reached that goal in under a week! To celebrate here's an early-ish work-in-progress render of the dollhouse, where you can see I was still figuring out how to fit all the rooms in, hope you like it ;)

Sincere thanks to everyone who's supported & shared it during that time, fingers crossed we'll hit the 5k milestone in a few months!

Lego Custardkid (aka Roger Schembrulee)


800 Supporters Already!

I’m absolutely over the moon to see the Dollhouse reach over 800 supports in under 5 days! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported and/or commented, I really appreciate your support, read every comment and try to reply to them all.

If you haven’t already, then please share with your friends to spread the word, the more people who see it the more likely it is to reach the magic 10k!

A big thanks also to gaming websites Eurogamer, Kotaku, Rock, Paper, Shotgun & Pocketgamer who all featured my project recently, I’m sure it’s made a huge difference getting more supports! 

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