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Modular Computer Case


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I have always wanted to build a custom Lego computer. So I started looking up cases other cases made out of Lego bricks but most were either a hodgepodge of various spare pieces, or were only a small form factor case. Therefore, I decided to design my own.

I designed the exterior with a modern minimalistic concept. Using smooth sides and sharp edges as well as smooth drive bay covers and a hidden power button, plug-and-play hard drive bay, and USB plugs. Taking influence from my gamer side, there are two viewing windows(one on either side) to create a see-through case.

Currently I have a high contrast red internal support structure with a black external shell. However, I intend to have for color customization if possible, if not I will use feedback to pick the most wanted color combination(s).

Unlike the other cases that I found this case is capable of housing Micro, Mini, Standard, and Extended ATX motherboards; with 3 drive bays and 4 internal hard drives with one plug-and-play top mounted hard drive port. External H×W×L dimensions of 49.76cm × 23.52cm × 64.32cm(1’7.6” ×9.26”×2’1.3”).

The Case will include a completely customizable modular internal design, both for functionality and ease of build. This modularity will allow for customizing the case’s internal layout to fit with your personal needs.

Lastly, the case is designed to handle higher temperatures than most other gaming cases(this is because I live in an area that exceeds 50 degrees C[122 degrees Fahrenheit] for weeks at a time each year). Therefore, the case has a total of 10 fan slots(6 front and side mounted for inlet, and 4 back and top mounted for exhaust) as well as built in liquid cooling compatibility with a 3 slot radiator mount under the top 3 fans.

This is intended to be the case only; therefore, no electronic components will be included which allows for complete customization based on your specific needs.

Updates will continue to be posted throughout the course of this project. And feedback is always welcome.

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