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Modular Computer Case


Final Update

Unfortunately I did not do very well with promoting this project and I had a few minor problems with showing the compatibility of the case, namely not actually showing it with the various components in the case. However, I will be resubmitting the case in a few days with a simpler name, Lego Computer Case, and including actual components, I will also be redesigning the drive bays to allow them to be added and removed to suit your build's needs.

Thank you for your support and check on my projects page for the project resubmission within a couple of weeks



PSU addition

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry that it has taken this long from my last update. I have started to include actual computer components in the case starting with a Corsair RM1000x series PSU.Thank you for your support, and if I cannot get the remaining 42 supports(the exact number needed to reach the first extension at time of update) I will be reposting the case, this time as LEGO Computer Case.


Computer Case Update

Thank you for the support

I have made improvements to the case, most notably I fixed the card slots, improved the case modularity including making the motherboard removable which allows you to flip the motherboard to the other side and reverse the case, and I added an alternate case color. And thanks to the suggestion from Akira329, I have added an exploded axon as the last image.

I will also add more alternate case builds for every 500 to 1000 supporters; and I am looking forward to adding more case options so thank you for your support.

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