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Modular Engine Kit


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This set would contain enough parts to build 2 complete engines as the final build.

This project is a homage to one of the first LEGO sets I ever purchased, Auto Engines 8858-2.

The idea behind this set was to make a modular engine system that would allow for a variety of engines to be constructed using a base set of parts, similar to the set that inspired it.

I have example here of a v4, and a one cylinder 'go-kart' engine. All are properly timed (valves and cylinders working with intake and exhaust valves timed with the working pistons). All engines are 4 stroke. 

Below is a video of the engine running using an optional motor. 

All the engine designs have mount points for attaching to a MOC, are configured to receive an optional engine to drive the motor or to be attached to a vehicle drive shaft or transmission (not included).

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