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The Köf II is a diesel shunter that has been used by the German federal railways since 1932. They are particularly small locomotives, outputting 40-50 HP at full power. They fit into the class of German locomotives that are known as 'Kleinloks', short for 'Kleinlokomotives' and their duties include light shunting on small stations and marshalling work.

What is particularly interesting about the Köf shunters, and one of the reasons I decided to reproduce the model in LEGO form is their versatility across the German rail network: although they are slow and incredibly small, they can be transported almost anywhere on top of a flatbed wagon.
The name references the fuel that they use and the transmission type: The K is short for Kleinlok, The Ö is short for Öl, (or diesel) and the F short for Flüssigkeitsgetriebe, Hydraulic transmission.
Lego has a Köf II shunter for performing shunting duties in its warehouses in Billund.

My model consists of 317 parts, and heavily uses interesting building techniques to make it an enjoyable process whilst constructing the model.

The reason I chose to immortalise this locomotive in LEGO form is because of its similarities (in shape and colour) to LEGO bricks, and I believe that this would make a great LEGO set because of its use at LEGO and because of its prevalence in Central Europe, making it instantly recognisable.

I hope you like this model and thank you for supporting!

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