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Post Office

Welcome to the post office! An important part of any  city, here you can drop off parcels for delivery, buy stamps, and, if you have a post office box, drop off and pick up mail. The project is made up of about 1200 pieces and includes a mail truck, a toolbox for repairing the mail truck if needed, and 3 minifigures.
The first floor of the building is the garage for the mail truck. It is very simple, with a place for the truck to be parked and a toolbox for repairs (shown separately in images), but not much else. However, the  garage has a door that can open and close. And in the back, a set of stairs leads postal workers to the post office above (albeit, only the 'employees only' part of the office). The second floor is the post office itself. Multiple post office boxes line one wall, with one being in a small hall in the very back.  There is also a space to mail parcels, where you can weigh packages, print special stamps for them, and pay for such stamps. Then you can push the package through the slot into the employee area, where workers can take the packages to the mail truck to be delivered. There is also a waiting area in the form of a bench, and a counter where stamps can be bought. The stamp image features a cropped version of one of my street backgrounds from the Custom Background Activity, and features two of my older projects from this year, the Keyboard Store and The LEGO Fan Family's House. The roof of the post office is a shell that lets light enter the post office through the three windows, but it does shade the stairs leading up to the customer entrance to the post office!
The mail truck is a fairly simple design with space for one minifigure and an area in the back for the mail. I tried to stick to the official LEGO color scheme for mail  trucks, but I based the design of the truck mostly on a modern American USPS truck (with some creative liberties taken, of course!). The toolbox for repairs includes a screwdriver and a wrench for actual usable tools.
Three minifigures  are included  with this project. They are:
  • Mail truck driver (left)
  • Post  office worker (middle)
  • Customer (right)
I hope you enjoyed this project! Please don't forget to support, comment, and share. And, if you're interested, my other projects can be found here.

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