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The LEGO Fan Family's House


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This is a house made for a family of four minifigures, all of whom are big fans of LEGO. It has about 2000 pieces. I based the exterior of this house off of an image that a friend took, but unfortunately I do not know where the picture was taken. The interior is a mix between my imagination and some small elements (like some of the furniture) of my family's own house.

The bottom level is a "garage" for the family, except that it is not big enough to fit a car. So I put two bikes inside and many tools to be used in the maintenance of the house. There is also a back door, which leads to a small backyard with some weeds growing in it, as well as a slide for the family's children.

The next level is the kitchen and a dining area. Already one can see LEGO models on the table in the dining area, which I'm sure the parents will ask the children to clean up very soon! The kitchen includes a sink, refrigerator, stove, and oven. It also has a big window looking outside. The dining area is raised to accommodate the backyard. A painting done by one of the children and a photograph of a family member hang on the walls.

The next floor has the kids' bedrooms. One has many models of LEGO cars inside, while the other has what are supposed to be modular buildings (if you look closely, I made a very small model of the Parisian Restaurant set, one of my own most prized pieces of my LEGO collection). The bathroom has a shower, toilet, and a sink, with the various soaps and shampoos on the floor of the shower (it may be hard to see due to the angle of the images). Many pictures, some of which are supposed to be painted by the children in art class, hang on the walls.

Upstairs one more level is the parents' room  and another bathroom. This bathroom is larger than the one below, but contains all the same basic fixtures. More pictures hang on the walls as well. In the parents' room there are even more LEGO models, some of which are buildings, others of which are cars. There is even a big LEGO mountain with a lakeside cabin on top!

Lastly is the roof. Inside the roof there is an attic, but it is sparse. There is a ladder leading up to it, but nobody really goes up there. It doesn't seem to be used for any storage, either.  Perhaps if this became a set, you could decide for yourself some odd trinkets that could be stored up there!

The four minifigures are a dad, a mom, and two kids.

I hope you liked this project! If you did, please make sure to support, comment, and share. And feel free to drop by my other projects.

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