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NASA-Vehicle Assembly Building


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This is an Architecture range model of the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB); it was completed in 1966  to assemble the Apollo programme It has been in use ever since, the Space Shuttles were prepared for flight in the building before being taken to the launch pad by one of two Crawlers.

This model has been designed so that it can be built to represent the periods of the Space Shuttle or the future Space Launch System (SLS) - which will see the return of massive rockets to the Kenedy Space Center. The proposal is for models to represent the shuttle or SLS with its two solid fuel rockets.

Externally there has been little change to the building's structure  over the 50 years, the original plain frontage was painted with the Star Spangled Banner along with the Bicentennial anniversary star logo in 1976 - the anniversary star was replaced with the NASA logo in 1998; I have designed the model with two large flat panel pieces which could be printed of stickered to match the desired period.

Three of the four assembly bays are shown with closed doors, one is open, and the internal gantries can be seen through the open doorway. The stepped upper section of the closed door is made using half-plate steps.

The model is attached to a 32x32 stud base. The set is made up from 1000 pieces with options to build the Space Shuttle or SLS on the crawler.

Repeatedly click on the additional images window and take a 360º spin around the building.

If you would like to see the NASA VAB added to the Architecture range then please support and tell your family and friends about it too.

Thank you for looking at this project.


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