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This is my School House. I don't think there has ever been a school so I thought that it's only fitting that there should be one. I didn't want to design a modern high school but something a bit more old fashioned like a village school that could also fit in with the current modulars. Age wise its kind of a middle school. It comes fully furnished, complete with minifigures which are a Head Master, secretary, 2 teachers, 3 younger children and 2 older children.

It is built on a 32x32 stud base and being a school I had a hard time making sure I included key parts of any school. Hopefully you will all like it and support. Im sure most agree, there has never been a school and there should be one.

More details below, thanks for looking.

I am uploading more pictures to my Flickr account as 5 just isnt enough!

The 4 pictures above shows the ground floor at different angles.
The rooms on the ground floor are:
Reception area with seating and enquiries window.
Reception for taking enquiries etc with a desk, computer,chair and filing cabinets.
A large hallway featuring a staircase to the 1st floor, a drinking fountain and locker area.
The great hall (assembly hall) is through the white double doors and features large windows all round.
Staff room with seating, coffee maker and mugs.
Wash room (toilet) which has a private cubicle with toilet and hand basin with taps.
Outside you can see the playground with children playing. Features here include high iron railings, a small hopscotch, a tree for some shade in the summer, a bench, trash can and side gate.

The 3 pictures above show the 1st floor at different angles.
The rooms on the 1st floor are:
Coming up from the stairs you have the Library, including round seating, book shelves and of course plenty of books!
A hall leads to 2 class rooms, both have large glass windows so when the children are left unattended, they can be seen and not get up to mischeif!
The 1st class room the teacher is teaching the younger children Literacy.......although one has escaped to the Library! It has a blackboard, seating and desks with their work on it.
The 2nd class room is for the slightly older children and they are learning about Egypt. This room has all the features the other room has but also has a corner table with an Egypt Pyramid display on it which I might add the children are very proud of, so make sure you tell them how good it is! ;)

The 3 pictures above show the Head Masters Office on the top floor, and a more detailed view of the top of the building.
As you come up the stairs to the top floor there is a hallway with the all important school trophy cabinet proudly displaying the trophies won by the school. The head masters office features a plush red carpet, desk with chairs, computer and letters. On the wall is a shelf and a small picture.
The third picture shows the ornate roof with an inset arch featuring an eagle overlooking the school.

Here are some pictures of the side exterior. I wanted to make the great hall with lots of light coming in so the windows also feature on the back. The playground has a smaller version of hopscotch, I didnt want to do a full version as it took up too much of the playground. I wanted to put a tree but didnt want it too large so it gets in the way or blocks the view of the building but wanted enough foliage on it unlike the one on the Fire Brigade set which is a bit too small I think. Ive also included a drainpipe down the side of the wall.

Thanks for looking and I hope you consider it a worthy project to support.
I will update this page once I upload all the pictures onto Flickr.

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