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Monster House


A brother and a sister discover that their beloved family house is haunted by monsters. This set features a house, a front gate, a letter box, a swamp, and a tree and a bush. This set comes with five minifigures, a boy, a girl, a ghost, a skeleton, and a swamp creature. Inside the house there is an attic, a bedroom and a dining room. The attic features some cobwebs and boxes, a skateboard, a bike, and a broom . The bedroom features a bed with a tentacle monster under it, some action figures, a computer, and a lamp. The dinning room features a chest of drawers, and a dining table. This set also features a spider, a bat, a rat, and a teddy bear. This set is great for everyone and I would say that it would be a medium build.

I hope you all enjoy and support this set because it would be fantastic to get 10,000 supporters. Make sure to checkout my other sets too.



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