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World trade Center's One Twin Tower

The World Trade Center's beautiful Twin Towers are maybe the most recognizable, dominating, intriguing and historical skyscrapers that have ever been.
After purchasing the LEGO Empire State building, I wanted a model of the Twin Towers in the same scale and level of detail, and with a positive angle. So this model is inspired from 1974 when the 25 year old Philippe Petit, with his team, snuck into the 2 buildings and walked a tightrope between the twin towers.
Unfortunately, at this scale and level of details, I couldn't design the 2 buildings at the requirement of a maximum of 3000 bricks per. LEGO ideas set, so this entry is for one building only of the Twin towers, with the piece count 2216.
In order to build both Twin Towers in the design that is shown in the twin pictures, it will take 2 One Twin Tower sets.

Just for fun of it, I have included the smallest figure I could build, but for display purposes I would recommend considering putting it away, and tell he has already been arrested :)
If you have any suggestions, please write a comment. And If you like the model, I hope you will vote for it.
Thanks for your time, and have a nice day :)

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