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Star Wars: Geonosis Arena Execution


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This is my project for the Geonosis Execution Arena scene seen in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (Star Wars Episode II). It has never been fully featured as a set before and so would bring a very famous left out scene to much more completed Episode II line of Star Wars sets.

Like my previous incarnations of the arena this one comes with the three arenas beasts which are sent by the Geonosians to execute Senator Padme Amidala and the two jedi: Ananaking Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In this version the minifigures have different textures including Padme which is in her pre-scratched form from the nexu which bring a new variation to the figures which were featured in the (Republic Gunship Set Number: 75021). I tried to make Kenobi be more accurate to the film by making changes such as having his trousers white and also his shirt underneath.

I have also updated the four pillars from my previous versions by making them shorter which increases stability and can help with stabilizing the brick count. I have also given them a more accurate look mainly at the top.

Acklay (Green Mantis, triceratops, dragon, crab, cricket-like creature)

The Acklay is a creature native to Vendaxa. It was later imported to other worlds such as to Geonosis where it was kept for gladiatorial combat. Some of the Acklay escaped from their captivity on Geonosis and went to live within the Ebon sea which also hosted the Geonosian Hydra. Undoutebly the most famous Acklay was the one on Geonosis which was sent to execute Obi-Wan Kenobi. It met a grizzly end after deciding to approach the Jedi one last fatal time.

Reek-(Dinosaur-like Rhinocerous creature)

The Reek was native to the planet Ylesia. The Reek on Geonosis had a red hide due to being fed meat. It was a herbivore by nature. It's final fight was between it and Jango Fett.

Nexu-(Cat,Rat,tiger,-like creature)

The Nexu was native to Colganna on the Indona continent within the chillly forests. Like the Acklay and the Reek it was imported to other planets such as on Geonosis. It tried to eat Padme until the Reek charged at it via the control of Anakin.

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