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Lego Stronghold Crusader


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Since I am a castle fan too, I wanted to have a medieval creation present in LegoIdeas as well. I was inspired by the real time strategy game “Stronghold Crusader” from FireFly Studios on which my creation is based on.

The barracks are from “Stronghold Crusader II”, the stables and the armory are from “Stronghold Crusader I” and the Builders´ Guild are from “Stronghold” (not crusader).

Why I built it
As said, I am a fan of the medieval themes and I love the game “Stronghold” from Firefly (this is also made for all fans of the game out there). I wanted to build something that looks nice for display, not too big so to stay affordable and something that has great play potential. I always like to have great playability. What also was very important is a smooth kind of puristic technique without missing nice details. This rends each creation a strong stability, so kids can play with it without having a brick in their hand each time they touch it. Of course the creations should remind of the game.

About the Model
The whole scene reflects the Lego castle theme "kingdom knights". It consists of a barrack, a stable with horses, a well-equipped armory with a palm tree, a builders´ guild with a Phoenix palm and two shields as well as 6 minifigs (King Lionheart, 3 soldiers and 2 civilians). You may easily transform the two civilians into a knight and a soldier (either pikeman or maceman) by using the gear from the armory.

Barracks: approx. bricks 520 (Stronghold Crusader II)
Stables: approx. bricks 310 (Stronghold Crusader I)
Armory: approx. bricks 360 (Stronghold Crusader I)
Builders´ guild: approx. bricks 365 (mashup of Stronghold and Crusader I)
Palm tree: approx. bricks 30 (Stronghold Crusader II)
Phoenix palm: approx. bricks 70 (Stronghold Crusader II)
Two shields: approx. bricks 80 (Stronghold Crusader I)
Total bricks: approx. bricks 1735 without minifigs as seen in the cover picture.

First I built every moc you see in the pictures using real bricks. I then transferred everything into to make the digital renders. You may lift the roof of each building. The walls of the barracks and the armory open up to grant more access to the interior. The barracks feature a detention cell and the builder's guild has sliding doors. The shields may be held by a soldier or it may stand on its own. By adding shields or attaching them you get a palisade wall!

Why did I choose this scene?
Actually I have built a lot more buildings based on the Stronghold world. My kids enjoyed a lot playing with them. It was fun to see how my son played together with his sister. He chose the military buildings while my daughter chose all the other civilian buildings, like the tavern the pharmacy, the granary and cheese or apple farm or you name it. My whole Lego Stronghold world is actually a 4in1 scene creator set, but I decided to keep it simple and stick to these buildings. Except the armory all other buildings may be used for civilian purposes. You may choose the minifigs to be either King Lionheart plus 5 soldiers or King Lionheart plus 1 soldier and 4 civilians.

Why this would make a great set:
  1. A must have for every Stronghold fan.
  2. It has lots of details for a good display set.
  3. At the same time it is not too detailed thus perfectly adds to all of the past official castle sets.
  4. It might also fit well to your own castle creations.
  5. The buildings are very stable and offer great playability.
  6.  Last but not least: These buildings might go very well with the new upcoming castle anniversary set in August 2022, the "Lion Knight’s Castle" and thanks to timing could easily be adapted to best fit this new upcoming set.
Road map:
By reaching a certain amount of supporters it will trigger some goodies:

1000 supporters: interiors of the barracks and the builders' guild
2500 supporters: a working ballista (made by the builders' guild)
5000 supporters: a working catapult (made by the builders' guild)
7500 supporters: a working battering ram (made by the builders' guild)

I have taken great care these goodies do not contain too many bricks, but still look very good. If this proposal makes it to 10K it is up to Lego to choose if and what to produce (either with one or more goodies or without).
I hope you like this creation. Please take a minute or two and check out my other creations from a totally different world. One is a 3in1 space scene creator set proposal. The other one is a very subtle mash up of the iconic Galaxy Explorer and the Galaxy Commander. In the updates of this space mash up proposal you may check how this set could look like in different Lego space themes.

Thanks for supporting and commenting and don’t forget spreading the word to make Lego Stronghold Crusader a reality.

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