Product Idea

The governors mansion

The first modular pirates building:

I like the old and new pirates theme, but there was never a modular building of the imperial soldiers.     So I build one myself and I hope you like it as much as I do. Please support this project and help me to bring this MOC in the stores and on internet. So everyone can enjoy it, like I do. Thank you all. 

The Governor El Dinero keeps his large treasures in the heavily guarded basement. There is also a bad lieutenant who wants to become governor himself. He has a lot of bad ideas to reach his goal as soon as possible. 

  • weight: 2 kg
  • lenght :  34cm
  • height:   30 cm     


  • A ladder to climb down to all the treasures and treasurmaps.
  • A dead pirate who wants to steal the treasure a long time ago.

First floor:

  • the entrance to the treasures in the basement and the second floor.
  • a porch at the backside of the mansion where the guards can rest and drink rum.
  • a small lift with winch, to bring al the treasures inside the mansion.
  • the equipment of the imperial guards

Second floor:

  • a prison to keep pirates.
  • the office of the governor and a treasure map collection.
  • a fire place.  
  • the canon can shoot in an angle of 220 degrees.
  • a ladder for the outpost at the third floor. 


  • governor El Dinero
  • a bad lieutenant 
  • 7 imperial guards
  • a pirate in prison and a dead pirate in the basement