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"Cooper! This is no time for caution."

Explore the depths of space with the Ranger from the 2014 film Interstellar!

This set features Cooper and Dr. Brand, TARS and CASE, and as well as the iconic Ranger spaceship.

The Ranger consists of 532 pieces and features the following:

  • Decorated interior that fits two minifigures and TARS or CASE
  • Removable roof to have better access to the interior
  • Rear hatch that can open and close
  • Extra accessories that are useful when exploring distant planets

This set would be mindless fun to a child who dreams of exploring space, as well as any collector who wishes to display one of the most iconic vehicles from science fiction! Please support this project and share it with friends and family as it can only become a reality with 10,000 votes! Thank you!

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