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The Clock Tower Park


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Thanks for coming to my product idea!

Welcome to 'The Clock Tower Park', a landmark in LEGO city, where the beautiful and refreshing sound of a bell and cool fountain streams call romance, and the sound of birds singing in the maple trees! 🍁🍂

Build your own romantic LEGO city centering on 'The Clock Tower Park', a place where you can meet not only the antique clock tower and the statue of the craftsman who build the clock tower with a long history in the maple trees but also the beautiful fountain spewed with cool water!

This project was started with the aim of bringing romance to my LEGO city with a slightly rigid atmosphere.

The bells of the clock tower, the chirping of birds in the maple trees and the fountain which spews a cool stream of water delights the eyes and ears of busy and tired people in the city and relaxes their minds.

So, I wanted to design a beautiful park with the clock tower, the fountain and the maple trees that anyone wants to find and come.

And finally, my own beautiful park is completed to this 'The Clock Tower Park'.

  • Overall composition of 'The Clock Tower Park'
'The Clock Tower Park' consists of the antique clock tower, the elegant fountain and benches where people can sit and relax in the maple trees.

  • Exterior of 'The Clock Tower'
'The Clock Tower' which is a combination of tan, black, and gold colors, has an antique and elegant design overall.

And 'The Clock Tower' consists of four floors and a roof, with clocks on four sides and a bell on the top.

  • Interior of 'The Clock Tower'
The inside of 'The Clock Tower' is connected by stairs from the first floor to the clock and bell floor.

On the clock and bell floor, there is a control room for managing the clock operation and various electronic equipment.

  • Structure of 'The Clock Tower'
'The Clock Tower' can be divided into floors so that you can see the inside of each floor.

And also the sides of each floor can be opened so that you can see the interior easily without dividing 'The Clock Tower' into floors.

  • Exterior of 'The Fountain'
'The Fountain' which is a combination of tan, white, and gold colors, has an antique and elegant design overall.

And 'The Fountain' consists of a total of three floors, and the water from the top floor down along each floor and is pumped back to the top to circulate.

  • Information
- Beautiful park with the clock tower and the fountain surrounded by the maple trees.

- Minifigure: 'The Clock Tower' manager.

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