Product Idea |



1.     My model: Waterfall

I made waterfall set base on ‘KEGON FALLS’ in japan, tochigi, nikko-shi. I try to simplify this beautiful waterfall into LEGO set as possible as I can without losing its unique features. Waterfall is surrounded by rocks and grass. I focused on describing falling water and bubbles.


2.     Why I built it

When I travel, I always healed by beautiful nature scenery. I felt same way when I faced ‘KEGON FALLS’ in japan. Nature’s simple principle (fall to downside) makes great beauty. I had so many thoughts and worries in my life. But nature said to me not to be serious so much, just follow simple principle. (Actually, waterfall said nothing. I just felt like that).

Back to the normal life, during the routine days, unfortunately I totally forgot what I felt in my trip. My digital photos just sleep in my hard disk. That’s why I made this set. I want keep my feelings and inspirations on my desk with LEGO set. It reminds me every day about happy memorise.


3.     Why I believe it would make a great LEGO set

1) This set is not too difficult and not too simple. It means every group of age can enjoy

2) LEGO lovers like diorama set. So they made own diorama sets. This set include base, walls and main structure(waterfall). Small all-in-one set.

3) Everybody loves beautiful scenery. This set is beautiful.



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