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Ghostbusters Slimer Chase!


"He slimed me."

A gluttonous green ghost is on the loose in the Sedgewick Hotel! Who can the manager can call for help? Ghostbusters! Recreate the famous hotel scene from Ghostbusters with this set! If you want it, please take the 10 seconds to support! Every one counts!

The set contains two modular rooms: the ballroom and the guest room hallway. They can be separated and rearranged. Slimer can be flick-fired from the back of the window in the hallway and knock over Venkman into the pile of slime. The ballroom has a chandelier that can be knocked down and replaced with Slimer. the tablecloth on the table in the ballroom can be removed and the flower left standing. ;)

The set includes 4 minifigures: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and the hotel manager. Slimer, of course, is also included. I made him by painting the Rotta the Huttlet piece. The Ghostbusters have their proton packs and streams, the ghost trap and button, radios, and Spengler's P.K.E. meter.

Be sure to support if you like this set! Thanks!

"We came, we saw, we kicked his blocks!"

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