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Clash Of Clans: Town Hall Level 10 - Supercell 10th Anniversary


I built the Town Hall Level 10 from Clash of Clans. For the 10th Anniversary of Supercell, I wanted to make a model of an iconic building in Clash of Clans. The Town Hall Level 10 is so iconic in Clash of Clans because of its nice lava theme and because you unlock the Inferno Tower at that Townhall Level.
The building is on a 48x48 baseplate. The set consists of 2498 parts. I added 4 Barbarians to the building. These Barbarians are based on the Barbarians that spawn when you use the Barbarian King ability with the Pixel Barbarian King skin. The eyes of the Barbarians are printed onto the 1x1 brick.

This set would be such a great display model. So many people know Clash of Clans and there should definitely be a set of it.

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