Motorised Walking Dinosaur

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    Major update: Dinosaur now covered in skin


    This update is something that I've been thinking about doing since I first built the dino but have been putting it off because I thought it would be too hard. It did take a lot of trial and error, seeing what parts I could fit to cover the technic elements while still keeping it mechanically working. In the end it turned out better than I expected.

    Dinosaurs in the wild


    My walking dinosaurs passed their first big test. I took four of them to display at my local Lego exhibition. I set it up so that kids could control them with the remotes. The kids loved playing with them, especially trying to get them to ram each other and eat the other dinosaurs.

    Parents were equally impressed with the movements of the dinosaurs. They particularly enjoyed the tails swaying from side to side. The heads going up and down with the mouth closing as the head comes down and making it look like they are eating grass.

    I also had the base of another dinosaur on display to show people the mechanics of it and how it all driven by one motor.

    During the 2 and a half day event only one dinosaur needed some repairs after it fell off the table. I was rather impressed with their durability considering how many kids handled them during the event.

    Be sure to check out the videos.