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Walking Dinosaur


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As a child, like most, I loved dinosaurs, Lego and things that move. I remember making dinosaurs with my Lego bricks and trying to make mechical things that walk. I was never able to build a dinosaur that moved...

...until now. I present to you my walking Lego Diplodocus. 

It has taken 3yrs of building different prototypes, each time a slight improvement over the last. The first lot where built from all technic parts and moved well but just didn't look dinosaur enough. Then I slowly worked out how to nicely cover the technic parts with curved slopes, which made a big difference.

I displayed the first version of my dinosaur(s) at a local Brick Expo and people loved them. I have also shared videos of various builds on social and have many people liked and commented on them.

I really believe that people of all ages and genders would like to build one themselves and hopefully through Lego Ideas they will be able to one day. 

Thanks in advance for your support.


Will dinosaurs walk the Earth again?
With your help they might.


  • Smooth walking motion (based on Theo Jansen's Strandbeest mechanics)
  • Tail swings side to side.
  • Neck moves up and down
  • Powered by a single medium motor
  • Inclosed battery pack and IR recevier.

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