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Palameria: Commuter Station


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On the far-off world of Palameria, the Senate of the Regency of Constellations is in session! Senator Cassandra Delgado, accompanied by an entourage of handmaidens and guard, has arrived at the capital. En route to a meeting with the Minister of Culture, Senator Delgado must deliver a mystical key, and receive a mysterious book in return!

Set features: 

-Enormous grand staircase with regal carpeting (the Capital is an artificial habitat, all sunny skies all the time!) 

-Large brick-built columns

-Ability to be converted to any type of train station

-Staircase itself has the capability to be used for indoor or outdoor functions in other types of buildings

-Several statues and park benches near the tracks

-Five minifigures: Senator Cassandra Delgado, 2 Handmaidens, Enorian Guard, and the Minister of Culture

-4 brick built trees, fountains, and two large ornate lampposts

-1776 total parts

I wanted to create a set that focused on the environmental aspect of LEGO potential! This set is very flexible, although it has a backstory, it can be used in a multitude of situations! Use it for your own city, modify it any way you can, make it your own! :) 

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