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O=O My dream LEGO gym O=O


As a child I didn't like the gym-exercises in the primary and secondary schools and rather played soccer, basketball (and with lego at home :)). The exercises were boring, the floor of the school gym was dirty, smell of sweat everywhere and the teacher behaved like a commander from the army. I have imagined even that time, how could be this kind of sport also much more likeable and fun.

At the university my motivation has changed, I visited regularly gyms (because of girls :)), I tried to build muscles with help of different interesting machines. There were music, magazines, refreshments and inspiring atmosphere making this effort easier.

So now, as adult, I tried to build my dream-gym from lego, in the followings I introduce its details:
- walls, doors and windows: my creation has very different kind of walls. A lot of natural light is advantageous, so I built a glass wall (more than 10% of the total number of elements) and big windows where possible. The space is never enough, so I used one of the walls for different tools of exercising. The door of the toilet must be completely covered but at the entry a wicket gate is also adequate during opening hours, so the air can move and it encourages the peoples visiting the gym.
- fitness equipments
  • every gym must have bench for men, my has one in the corner. You can rest between the sequences looking out through the windows and drink a refreshment from the small table. There is place even for your towel next to the bench or above the table;
  • treadmills are used more frequently by women, in my gym there is place for two, so you can discuss with the partner even if you run faster. But you can also control your performance via the running-computer ahead of you, watch the big screen TV, or just listen music from MP3-player like the pretty girl does;
  • fitness chairs are also necessary in a gym, I could place two from this, too. One of them is a simple version with an adjustable backrest, it is appropriate for strengthening of the biceps-muscles with barbells, like the punk guy does. The other one is more complicated, and it is suitable for the triceps-muscles (altough the minifigures sadly can't move their arms in that way);
  • as I mentioned before, the light grey grid-wall makes possible other kind of excercises, too (the green handcuffs can be used as an expander).
- service facilities
  • when you step in the room, a registration window welcomes you, the buffet girl checks your membership card (do not afraid, the giant rat on the window is just a mascot, it doesn't bite ;));
  • a water balloon is useful and much more eco-friendly than using water bottles (there is a litter bin under it);
  • the buffet and the washroom stand on a platform 3 steps higher, the contrast of the stairs is important;
  • through the glass-wall the buffet with the cassa gets enough light, at the evening one green spotlight can be used (and another 3 for the exercise area);
  • the washroom is a little bit overcrowded, because it is also used as a storeroom (contains first aid kit for injuries, fire-extinguisher, broom, light grey refillable bottles for sparkling water used in the buffet). But of course you can also find the traditional equipments, like the toilet bowl, the washbasin with soap plus handdrier and finally an operating mirror where you can examine your muscles after the workout. :) A low natural light (and air) can come in through the window above the washbasin. Fan and radiator (with toilet paper holder) is also can be found here;
  • plants in the window box and in one of the room corners make the place friendlier (and the air cleaner :));
  • several trifles are placed that make the room practic and amusing: tan and transparent tiles on the floor, inspirational trophy and city map with the alarm-platform (at the entrance), clock on the wall, fans (next to the spotlights), Da Vinci's anatomical image (under the sportlights), bathroom scale (that shocked the trainer girl :)).
I made some stickers (LEGO-GYM logo at the entrance, the TV screen, the weight inscription on the bathroom scale and the fabric on the pouffe at the registration window), and during the construction I also applied some rare techniques (light grey grid wall, black supporting structure of the washroom).

The whole creations weights 0,56 kg (1,23 lb), lies on a 32×16 base board (its height is 7 cm / 2,76 in) and contains precisely one thousand elements (including the 3 man and 3 woman minifigures).

Lego-set were never published in this theme before (in the theme of sport also a quite few), so If You like it, please vote for it and share.

Thank You in advance!


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