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Kingdoms of the Gods

On the far right there is Olympus and the gods, Athena, Poseidon, Zeus and Are's and arriving from the underworld Hades. On the far left is Asgard the realm of the Norse Gods, Thor god of Thunder with his red hair wife Sif beside him wearing a blue dress, green cape with hood and a drinking horn to hold refreshments, Heimdall the watcher with his blond hair, Loki the god of mischief, who his blue since he is a frost giant like his mother Laufrey and a blonde Valkyrie warrior  by the tables with Odin resting upon his throne with his wife Frigg at his side. I did research on the gods to get there appearances right based off the Norse mythology not marvels though I did make a nod at marvel with the rainbow bridge which allows other reams to be connected. Arriving upon the rainbow bridge is Hel, goddess of Helheim and watches over those who don't end up in Valhalha. 

Both Hel and Hades coming to visit the kingdoms of the gods at the same time, what could possibly go wrong when the "black sheep's" of the Greek and Norse pantheons enter  the kingdoms of the gods for some family bonding, does Hel miss her father Loki that much or is something else at play. 

I built this set being a fan of Norse and Greek mythology and thought it would be fun to do a mash up using Hel and Hades as a anchor point so to speak to bind the two pantheons into one set, we have the Marvel versions of the Norse Pantheon but not the actual Norse Pantheon as a set and we don't have any Greek god themed sets this all inspired me to combine these two mythologies into one set. 

I think this will make a great set, because it has interesting looking builds such as Olympus and Asgard and the bridge and portal which connects Asgard to other worlds, plus it gives people two god pantheons in one set, one being the Greek which I don't see any of done in LEGO which would make any fan of Greek mythology and LEGO happy, also getting accurate looking Norse gods is why I wanted to do this and I think any fan of Norse Mythology will be happy to get a Thor that is accurate in appearance to actual mythology. 

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