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BOEING 737-300


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Dears, I have decided to upgrade my 737-300 to a 737-700 series aircraft (737-724 version to be correct). It didn´t take me so long as these two types (classic 300 and NG 700) share many commonalities and dimensions (except for the avionics which is not my building concern..)

A lot of my attention was dedicated to the design of Split scimitar winglets (APB) which have been retrofitted to the entire United 737-7 fleet. I think that the ventral strake looks nice and neat as well as the scimitar tips. To be honest, I like the scimitar concept much more than the actual  MAX advanced split winglet.

So, what exactly has changed?

  • Winglets
  • Absence of the "eyebrows"
  • Flaps /fairings/
  • Navgation lights (strobes are next to the NAV lights)
  • Antennas (the lump is the SAT inflight WiFi system)
  • The position of landing lights logo lights
  • Some other minor changes



Some new pictures + details

I just wanted to introduce the plane from more different  angles, with landing gear up and down, including some detailed shots as well. Although the pics are not professional and the background is not optimal, I am sure you´re gonna like them. I have already spent more than 2 years with this plane - redesigning, refining, improving, studying 737 pictures and technical specs.

Anyway, thank you for your support once again! Keep it up! We need to reach at least 1K!


New nose section and cockpit

 Sleeker nose, brand new cockpit windows (the side ones are bigger), new pitot probes  + more accurate winglets angle


Brand new evac markings and other changes

What´s new?

  • evacuation markings on the wings, built solely from printed bricks
  • grey cockpit windows frame
  • new beacons color
  • the lower beacon is now functional, too
  • new antennas
  • redesigned towbar-less pushback truck


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