Product Idea

LEGO Life-size Parrot


Here is my latest project... A iconic Parrot! It's fully life-size, and has the wow factor! Created with over 3,000 LEGO bricks, this amazing creature will be a great LEGO set!

Why should this be a real set?

This model can give you the next great thing to a real parrot, a LEGO one! Animal lovers will love to have this parrot. (And you don't have to take care of it! :P )

How should LEGO design this set?

LEGO has to capture the beauty of this amazing animal, and they have to make sure the box matches the theme of the parrot.

Model Stats:

  • Over 20 hours put into this model
  • Each brick has been hand placed
  • Over 3,000 bricks
  • Almost matches the real thing!


Come support this amazing parrot! It is worth your support! This is truly a work of art, and would be the greatest LEGO Ideas set!