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Ancient Chinese Earthquake Detector


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Ancient Chinese Earthquake Detector

What is it?

Originally created by Zhang Heng around AD 78-139, Zhang’s siesmoscope was designed to detect earthquakes. The essential components of the design were: a copper urn with multiple dragons attached to the sides and small frogs sitting with their open mouths held up to the corresponding dragons. The dragon's mouths held a small metal ball, which would drop into the frog's mouths when the internal mechanism was triggered by an earthquake. 
This is my endeavor to render this fascinating apparatus in the LEGO medium…

Why did you build it?

I was taking ancient history in my early years when I first saw this intriguing device. Years later when I was considering what I could build that would be both unique, artistically appealing and with the potential for functionality. It wasn’t long until I recalled the drawing of the Ancient Chinese Earthquake Detector from my old history book! After doing some research and looking at reference images online, I began to build. This model is the result…

Why would this make a great LEGO set?

The unique combination of aesthetic design, historical value, potential for functionality, and creative building techniques. Featuring a copper colored urn, elegant traditional Chinese dragons, portly frogs and stone base, the Ancient Chinese Earthquake Detector would make a fantastic display piece for history enthusiasts, Chinese artistry, and engineering nerds! 

This model contains, 2999 pieces.
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