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Twin Towers - Architecture - Original World Trade Center NYC


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I am aware of other Twin Tower sets both submitted here on LEGO Ideas as well as some absolutely wonderful (and massive) designs elsewhere on the Internet. I am also aware LEGO Architecture tends to have smaller scale buildings- but one of the defining elements of the twin towers- indeed their most defining feature- was their immense size. To truly capture the these towers requires this minimum size, something 4x4 stud towers (or smaller) cannot capture. 

When I would look up at these twin giants I remember how small I felt. This set is designed so that people who may haven't even have been born or never saw them can feel some of what I felt, particularly if these are displayed along with other LEGO Architecture sets,

The base is 18 x 18 studs and the roofs of the towers are 34 bricks above the base (just under 13 inches / 33 cm), not including the antennas and other roof decorations. As built it is 875 bricks- 480 of which are the 1x2 Profile Bricks and 256 of which are 1x1 bricks. Most of these could be replaced with 1x1x5 bricks if need be. 

Besides the towers a representation of 3 World Trade Center is also included as well as a representation of The Sphere by German sculptor Fritz Koenig that that was near the towers.

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