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Sikorsky S-70i Firehawk Helicopter (LACoFD Air Ops Edition)

Why i built it?

In recent years, the wildfires have become longer and more severe. The fire fighting crew have to work in tougher and more dangerous scenarios of blaze and smoke. Aerial firefighting becomes crucial for fast and efficient response. As a fan of rescue helicopters, I build this LEGO set to give my gratitude and honour the bravery of all fire fighting members, air crew and aircraft maintenance staff all over the world.

What is my model?

The Sikorsky S-70i Firehawk is a multi-mission helicopter. The belly mount fire tank can carry 1000-gallon water / 30-gallon foam and can be filled up in 60 seconds by a high-efficiency water pump via a retractable water snorkel. The cockpit controlled bottom doors produce long-water-drop pattern for various coverage or drop-all-at-once pattern penetrating medium to heavy brush fire. It performs mountain and blue-water rescues with the hoist, stretcher and search light. It provides medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) by carrying patients to hospitals from remote areas. In case of large scale wildfire, it is capable of trooping 11 ‘Fly Crew’ firefighters with tools to the fire frontline. It supports night operations with the Night Vision Googles (NVG) compatible cockpit.

As of October 2022, the LACoFD Air Operations Section (AOS) consists of 9 helicopter pilots and 18 firefighters/paramedics. For each 24-hour duty shift, a minimum of 3 ‘Regional Air Squads’ (RAS) report at Barton Heliport. They provide 24/7 rapid and long range emergency services for over 10 million residents.

My Sikorsky S-70i Firehawk Helicopter (LACoFD Air Ops Edition) consists of 1605 pieces including a 3-member RAS (Pilot, Crew Chief Paramedic and Rescue Paramedic). The following features are included to emulate all S-70i Firehawk’s missions: 

Aerial Firefighting Mission:

  • ‘Snorkel Tube’ and ‘Snorkel Head’ are included (combine as ‘Water Snorkel’)
  • ‘Wildfire Base’ and ‘Water Drop Effect’ are included (combine as ‘Wildfire Display Stand’)
  • ‘Wildfire Display Stand’ can be built as long-water-drop pattern or drop-all-at-once pattern

Search and Rescue Mission:

  • Rescue hoist is attached to the right engine
  • A Lego string with stud is included as simplified hoist cable, or a thin string can be used as retractable hoist cable
  • A ‘Hoist Control’ and a neck bracket harness are included
  • 2 rescue stretchers are included

MEDEVAC, Trooping and Night Mission:

  • 3 seats are included (1 behind the pilot seat, 2 at the back of cabin) for medical staff
  • 2 stretchers can be put on cabin floor for MEDEVAC
  • With the seats and stretchers removed, the aircraft can carry the RAS and a 9-member Fly Crew team (minifigures not included)
  • Nightsun searchlight (360’ rotation, tilt up / down) is attached under the cockpit
  • NVG is included on each RAS helmet

Other Helicopter Features:

  • The cockpit panels and overhead engine switches are customised with detail

  • The top parts of cockpit, crew cabin and engine can be removed to show the interior
  • The cockpit doors can be opened, closed and even jettisoned
  • The crew cabin windows can be removed
  • Sliding doors are installed on both side of the cabin

  • AEM loudspeaker system and flashing lights are installed on the main landing gear legs
  • The main landing gear and the turning tail landing gear can be lowered to demonstrate the oleo strut
  • The tail stabiliser (tilted up or down) can be folded for aircraft transportation
  • Anti-Collision Light (ACL) and antenna are installed at the top of the tail
  • The tail rotor is canted 20 degree
  • The main rotor is dipped forward and can be tilted to the left / right side of the fuselage

Why i believe it would make a great LEGO set?

It will be the perfect gift for people and families working in the emergency response units and those who are interested in aerial firefighting, helicopters and rescue services all over the world. 

It is fun building your own Firehawk helicopter. You can be the Firehawk pilot performing water drop actions and hoist rescue missions. You can even put a light source inside the fire bricks to emulate the wildfire! It would be nice watching the Firehawk on the display stand as an aircraft model.

Thank you for your time and I hope you may like my S-70i Firehawk Helicopter (LACoFD Air Ops Edition).


If you wanna give your gratitude to firefighters, please share and support my Firehawk Helicopter projects:

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