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Sikorsky S-70a Firehawk Helicopter (LACoFD Air Ops Edition)

Thank you Firefighters,
for saving Lives, Homes and Memories.

Hi everyone,

I build this LEGO set to give my gratitude and honour the bravery of all Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD) fire fighting members, air crew and aircraft maintenance staff.

The LACoFD Air Operations Section (AOS) consists of 12 helicopter pilots and 18 firefighter/paramedics operating 5 Bell 412s and 5 Sikorsky Firehawks (3 S-70A and 2 S-70i). It provides 24/7 rapid and long range emergency services for over 10 million residents coverage across 4100 sq. miles, including the Santa Catalina Island (22-miles offshore) and San Clemente Island (50-miles offshore). For each 24-hour duty shift, a minimum of 3 ‘regional air squads’ (1 pilot and 2 firefighter/paramedics) will be repositioned to remote operation bases throughout the county, responding firefighting, blue-water search-and-rescue, hoist rescue and medical transport.

The LACoFD acquired the first 2 Firehawks in 2001 which made L.A. County the first Firehawk public safety operator. The S-70A Firehawk is equipped with two General Electric turboshaft engines (type T700-701D GE each rated to 2000 shaft horsepower) which provide the power and performance for LACoFD to do rescues at much higher elevations during the high temperature in the summer time.

The Firehawk is equipped with a belly mount fire tank (1000-US gallon water / 30-US gallon form-injection) which can be filled up in 45 seconds by a high-efficiency water pump via a retractable snorkel. The bottom doors can be operated hydraulically from the cockpit to produce long-water-drop pattern for various coverage or drop-all-at-once pattern forming a head pressure to penetrate medium to heavy brush fire. The Firehawk also provides hoist rescue for transporting patient to trauma centre and 11-firefighters trooping to remote area.

My Sikorsky S-70A Firehawk Helicopter (LACoFD Air Ops Edition) consists of around 1300 pieces. In order to raise the level of playability, the following features are included:

  • 1 pilot and 2 firefighter/paramedics are included
  • A trans-blue water drop effect is included, which also forms part of the aircraft display stand
  • The water drop effect / display stand can be built as long-water-drop pattern or drop-all-at-once pattern with the same set of bricks
  • A belly mount fire tank with door steps, snorkel head and snorkel mount
  • A snorkel tube (hidden in the left side of the tank) can be combined with the snorkel head (under the right side of the tank) to form the water snorkel
  • A rescue hoist attached with rear cabin light
  • The retractable hoist cable is hidden under the engine component
  • Flashing lights attached to the main landing gear
  • A Nightsun searchlight attached under the cockpit which has 360’ rotation can also be tilted down
  • The top parts of cockpit, crew cabin and engine can be removed to show the interior
  • The cockpit doors can be opened, closed and even jettisoned
  • The crew cabin windows can be removed to show the operating crewman seats
  • Sliding doors are installed on both side of the cabin
  • 3 cabin seats can be installed at 2 different positions: at the crew cabin (forward / outward facing) and at the back of cabin (forward facing)
  • A rescue stretcher (can be configured as a cabin seat) is included
  • Without the cabin seats, the aircraft can carry the ‘regional air squads’ (1 pilot and 2 firefighter/paramedics) and 9 fire-fighters, total 12 mini figures
  • The main landing gear wheels can be lowered to demonstrate the oleo strut
  • A turning tail landing gear can be lowered to demonstrate the oleo strut
  • Anti-Collision Light (ACL) and antenna are installed at the top of the tail
  • The main rotor is dipped forward and can be tilted to the left / right side of the fuselage
  • The tail rotor is canted 20 degree
  • The tail stabiliser can be lifted up or down

Thank you for your time and i hope you may like my S-70A Firehawk Helicopter (LACoFD Air Ops Edition).


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