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Sikorsky S-70a FIREHAWK Fire Fighting Helicopter (With Bambi Bucket)

Hi Everyone,

I build this LEGO set to show my respect and honour the bravery of all S-70A FIREHAWK air crew and fire fighting members.

The S-70A FIREHAWK helicopter is a multi-mission helicopter. It is equipped with two General Electric turboshaft engines (type T700-GE-701C each rated to 1,880 shaft horsepower) which provides the power to lift 2,600lb (1,200kg) of cargo or external sling load up to 9,000lb (4,072kg). 

The Bambi Bucket is a strong, lightweight and collapsible firefighting tool which can be attached to helicopter easily. The solid water column, shot from the pilot-controlled bottom valve, can contain the fire effectively.

My Sikorsky S-70A FIREHAWK Fire Fighting Helicopter (With Bambi Bucket) consists of around 1200 pieces. In order to raise the level of playability, the following features are included:

  • 2 pilots and 1 crewman are included
  • An aircraft stand is included for desktop display
  • A Bambi Bucket with water column and splash effect
  • An USL cargo hook for connecting the Bambi Bucket with single sling (in flight) or double sling (desktop display)
  • The top parts of cockpit, crew cabin and engine can be removed to show the interior
  • The cockpit doors can be opened, closed and even jettisoned
  • A bubble window installed at the co-pilot side door (left hand side)
  • The crew cabin windows can be removed to show the operating crewman seats
  • Sliding doors are installed on both side of the cabin
  • A fire extinguisher at the back of the co-pilot seat
  • 2 cabin seats can be installed at 2 different positions: at the crew cabin (forward / outward facing) and at the back of cabin (forward facing)
  • The main landing gear wheels can be lowered to demonstrate the oleo strut
  • A turning tail landing gear can be lowered to demonstrate the oleo strut
  • Anti-Collision Light (ACL) and antenna are installed at the top of the tail
  • The main rotor is dipped forward and can be tilted to the left / right side of the fuselage
  • The tail rotor is canted 20 degree
  • The tail stabiliser can be lifted up or down

Thank you for your time and i hope you may like my S-70A FIREHAWK Fire Fighting Helicopter (With Bambi Bucket).


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