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Lake House


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Welcome dear visitor,

You seem to be looking for a nice place to spend a relaxing yet adventurous vacation with your Lego family; and guess what… You found it! This gorgeous lake house is situated on the south side of Lake Brick, one of the most beautiful lakes in Lego world. The perfect place to get back to nature.

This house has everything you might need during your stay, like a:
- Spacious front porch with a swing
- Deck behind the house that reaches over the water
- Platform with a canoe
- Fishing rods
- Big barbecue
- Modern kitchen
- Living room with fireplace
- 1 twin bed and 2 single beds
- And a lot more


The set as it is right now contains a family of 4 minifigs and their little dog. You can also find a parrot and a frog. It consists of 2999 parts. I used some parts in colors that aren’t available yet, but hopefully will be in the near future. The roofs can be taken of for playability.

This is my first finished MOC after rediscovering Lego. 
I hope you like it!

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