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The Restaurant


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"I'm sure that if there is one thing Lego City citizens enjoy it's eating out... and what better place than the new restaurant that's opened up recently on main street." - The Lego City Newspapers and Media...

So this is my next submission, which I like to entitle, "The Restaurant". Designed to be built upon a 32X32 base plate (I did toy with the idea of using a 48X48 baseplate in the designer, but I thought that would overcomplicate matters)

Firstly I should point out there is no kitchen section, I will probably look to design that section separately should this idea prove popular. Again I did not wish to over design.

Featured are 11 Minifigures (ten diners, one maître d'). The tables are set with burgundy "Tablecloths" and "Grey Slate Plates" (to add to the dining experience, allegedly food tastes better when served on slate). The walls are adorned with lighting and various 2X2 flat plates featuring various Lego motifs as found amongst the numerous Minifigure Series.

Lighting of the restaurant can be achieved by removing a number of exterior studs as attached to the Technic bricks on the outside of the walls. Alternatively they could potentially replace the wall lighting as featured with the mounted "artworks".

This would perhaps be a great addition to any growing Lego City. I hope you like my creation and that you will kindly give your support.

As always, please do keep commenting on my projects, this is my second idea posted and any thoughts advice or simply words of support are always welcomed.

Once again you have my thanks!


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