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Red Dwarf Hangar Bay


This is an SOS distress signal from the mining ship Red Dwarf requesting Support!

We have our crew, though not perfect, they standing as; Dave Lister the last known surviving human, Arnold J Rimmer a hologram of one of the dead crew, Kryten a mechanoid 3000 series, Cat a creature that evolved from Listers pet and a "tag along" named Ace, Ace Rimmer (another Rimmer from a parallel universe). Our means of transport are that of space vessels. We use the Starbug 1, Blue Midget and Ace Rimmers personal starcraft. All well equipt and ready for flight, with the Scutters assistance of course.

In this project I have designed these models and figures based on the TV series Red dwarf. Now being brought back on Dave for its 11th series earlier in 2016, it is most appropriate for this to make a debut as a Lego set. I am hoping all you Red Dwarf and Lego fans out there enjoy to what I've brought you in this project with it featuring much of my own design to work around the over 800 bricks used. Each model features a displaying stand and microscale editions of the ships. Its been an absolute pleasure to have been working on this model the past 4 months, and a relief to finally see it in all its glory on this site where you can help and vote to make the Lego red Dwarf dream a reality.

1MindWithIdeas out!, and happy building!

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