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LEGO Store Modular

I built a modular version of the LEGO store. The set includes a flower shop, a barber shop, a LEGO store, and three apartment buildings. In the LEGO store, there is a Build-A-Minifigure station, a pick and build station, and a brick built construction worker build. The flower shop includes a staircase, flowers, and flower pots.

Up the stairs, you can visit a small barber shop with a couch and two chairs. Once you have passed the barber shop, you will find an apartment full of instruments and an elevator that works. The musical room includes a piano, a couch, a rug, records, a record player, guitars, and a lamp. Once you go up the elevator, you can slide a pin into the elevator to keep it in place.

The third story includes a sport themed apartment and a conspiracy themed apartment building. The sports themed room includes a framed American Football Jersey, an American Football helmet, a baseball bat and glove, a desk, a couch, etc. The Alien themed room includes an Alien poster, newspapers, a radio, filing cabinets, and a desk. The set includes 6 minifigures, one for each room.

I hope you like the set and I would love the support! Please comment down below your thoughts on the set!

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