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With all the fast food and the sitting jobs these days, health awareness could be a little higher. Not only real world but Lego world too needs some health in it. I'm following Lego reviews  for quite a while and there are almost no Lego sets (official ones or custom) dealing with sports.

Hope it will make at least some of you guys consider signing up for a gym or start some kind of sport activity.


So I decided to build a Lego gym. Its a usual open space gym with many types of gym machines. All the gym is custom made out of my imagination of how the machines should look like.

Details - Outside

Outside you can see a custom made 'GYM' sign that comes out of the wall, where the 'Y' is supposed to be a man lifting some heavy weight.

On the roof there are air conditioners to cool all the gym area. There are 3 of them because the place is big and lots of minifigs sweat like minipigs ;)

The entrance door is a sliding door so you won't need to open the door with the sweaty hands.

Details - Inside

The gym contains many different areas:

  • Entrance with a secretary - for new minifigs to register to the gym
  • Water cooler - if anyone needs to fill his bottle
  • Stepper and treadmill area - for the endurance workouts
  • Lifting area - for the heavy weight lifting
  • Weights area - for the arms lifting exercises
  • Pull-Down machine - for...wait for it...pull-down excercises
  • Mats area - for aerobics and yoga exercises

All over the gym there are windows so you won't feel closed up.

(The windows are actually double windows so if you put some dark colored glass on the outer windows it will make a nice mirror effect)


The set is built using ~1600 standard Lego pieces.


Overall I am very pleased with the result, the set is very playable and realistic.

Hope you like too!

Don't be shy, leave a comment or just support the project. Or both ;]

Have a healthy day!

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