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Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO II


One of the most legendary and successfull rally-cars ever built: 
The Lanica Delta

After the end of Group-B-Rally, Lancia had to build a close-to-production rally car for thr Group-A-Rally. They decided to use the Lancia Delta, which was a good idea. In 1987 they easily won the World Rally Championship and kept winning until 1992. All in all Lancia became the most successful marque in the history of the WRC and the Delta the most successful rally-car.
This is the road-going version based on one of the latest versions, the Evoluzione II model.

It features:

  • sedan / 5 doors (4 in my version => 3 opening doors and opening trunk)
  • authentic interior (also with seat belt buckles)
  • permanent four-wheel-drive
  • opening hood
  • detailed engine


  • Cylinders:         4 cylinders-inline / 16 valves / Turbo
  • Volume:            1995 cm3
  • Engine Power:  158 kW (215 PS - 212 hp)
  • Torque:             314 Nm (2500 RPM)
  • Transmission:   four wheel drive, 5-speed manual
  • Weight:             1439 kg

I have built this car already some time ago. But I think it's worth becoming a LEGO Ideas project, because many people like this car. An in my opinion, everyone should be able to own one 

As you look on the pictures, you wil recognize, that there are only 3 doors.Originally the car always has 4 doors. But when I was building, I created the drivers side with only one door to create a cleaner surface. 
So it's up to you, which one you prefer!  

If you would like to own a LEGO model of this fantastic car,

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