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The Seafood Restaurant

Welcome to Edna's Seafood! This small restaurant has been around for many years and has its fair share of loyal customers who just keep coming back. But it's always gaining new fans, too, who hear about all the awards this restaurant has won and can't help but go try it! I based this building off of one that I saw in San Diego. While I was there many months ago, I took pictures of buildings in the Gaslamp Quarter that inspired me to model them in LEGO. This is the second building that originated from those photos (the first is my Pizzeria). The project contains around 1700 pieces and has 3 minifigures. It is fully compatible with official LEGO modular buildings.
The first floor is  the restaurant itself. It contains a fairly small kitchen, as well as multiple tables and a greeting area for an employee to greet customers. One of the tables has a plate of fish on it. On the walls is a menu, some decorations, and one of the aforementioned awards.
The second floor and third floor are both apartments. The second floor apartment houses two people, as is evident by the bunk bed inside. It contains a sizable bathroom, a fairly large kitchen, a table with two chairs, and the above-mentioned bunk bed. The third floor apartment houses just one person. It, too, contains a bathroom, although this one is smaller. The kitchen is also much smaller, but the bed appears to be more spacious than the bunks downstairs! There is also a table with one chair. Both apartments have decorations on the walls. And while the stairs do not have handrails, not to worry! The stairs would be pushed up against another modular building so the minifigures wouldn't fall off the side anyways! There are also extra windows on the sides of both apartments to let extra light in.
There are 3 minifigures in this project. They are:
  • The chef, Edna, who founded the restaurant many years ago and continues cooking despite her old age
  • The waiter, with a delicious plate of crab
  • One of the restaurant's dedicated customers, who has decided to visit to cheer himself up after badly spraining his ankle tripping over a rock! (inspired by my own life experiences...)
I hope you like this project! If you do, please support, comment, and share. And if you're interested, you can find my other projects here.

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