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Star Wars Episode 4 - Lars Homestead


Life on Tatooine is hard and moisture vaporators need constant repairs after regular raids carried out by the Tuskin Raiders. After a busy day Luke likes nothing more than coming home to the Lars Homestead to enjoy a cold glass of blue milk prepared by Aunt Beru.  The Lars Homestead also makes a great vantage point to watch a binary sunset each night.

With this set I've tried to recreate one of my favourite locations from Star Wars, the Lars Homestead! It's such an iconic location and a really cool design. Currently it uses just over 900 pieces but with some refinements the piece count could easily come down.  I've only created half the homestead to fit more with what a real Lego design would look like.

I've chosen to depict a Tusken Raider attack on the homestead which doesn't happen in the movies, but thought it would be a great way to get more Tusken Raider minifigures. 

Minifigures could include:

  • Uncle Owen
  • Aunt Beru
  • Luke Skywalker (plus alternative costume.  His throw over could be done the same way Leia's is in set 75094)
  • 3x Tusken Raiders (or could replace with Sand Troopers instead)
  • Droid WED-15
  • Gonk droid

The last picture also shows parts for a spare vaporator you could place anywhere in the set if desired. This would be a great set to compliment the Sandcrawler and help build upon existing Tatooine sets.

Note: Although I've customized some of the details, the Luke and Owen minifigures should look like the current designs available (instead of the faces I've used) and as I didn't have the Tusken Raider head available I've done some very bad Photoshoping to give you the idea of what it should look like :)

I might update this later when I've figured out how to use easy stairs to connect the top entrance to the living areas of the homestead.  I hope you like this design and feel free to share :)

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