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Oil Platform


This is an oil rig/platform.

There are only two oil rigs that lego made (9486 and 373), but those are very small with only a few details.

I wanted to have a big structure and an oil platform is perfect for that.

The model counts 2700 bricks, with big bricks to make the structure, but also a lot of small bricks to realise the details.

There are two rooms.

On the first floor there is a desk and a storage compartment, on the second floor there are beds where the minifigs can sleep and a second storage compartment for the minifig accessories (picture nr. 9, 10, 11).

There is a boat with a complete interior (picture nr. 12, 13).

You can take the roofs all easy off so you can look/play easily in the rooms.

The model is minfig scale so you can place your minifigs everywhere, the model is not made for play but if you want you can because it is sturdy enough.

On the deck, we find a crane, bottles, containers and there are deck extensions (4 in total) to make the deck bigger (for the Heli platform…) (picture nr. 4).

I chose for a Belgium flag on the top, not because Belgium would have anything to do with oil rigs, but just because I live in Belgium.

There are 6 minifigs, I want give my minifigs dual molded legs and arms but unfortunately my render program can't show that (picture nr. 14, 15).

I think it can be a real ideas set because we don't have a (big)oil platform yet.

This model took 5 months time to make.

If you like it, I appreciate your support!


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