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New Project! Delta A330-300

Hello everyone! I’m back with another product idea, Delta A330-300. This project has been in the making for about 6 months and has finally launched on LEGO Ideas! Please check it out, and I would greatly appreciate your support. Also, if you could please help spread the word, that would be extremely appreciated!

On a more related note, time is ticking, and Lego Puzzle Cube’s days are getting shorter. Only (40) days are left, with a little more than 400 supporters more to reach the 1K milestone. Time may be against us, but as long as time lasts, there is still hope that this project will reach its goal. Thank you to everyone who has followed the project this past year, and I will have another update out soon. Thanks, and please check out my other project Delta A330-300.


500 Supporters and Instructions!

Well, we hit 500! First, thank you for your support and comments! I absolutely know that we would have never accomplished this without you! You can’t imagine how happy and grateful I am. Of course I can’t just accept all your support without giving something back. That is why I’m happy to give you all Lego Puzzle Cube building instructions! Once again, thank you for your ongoing support, and I hope you enjoy the instructions!


Here are the instructions for the 4x4 and the 3x3 cube. Hopefully with these you will be able to build your very own Lego Puzzle Cube.



Also I included the instructions for the two display bases.

I hope you like the instructions, yet if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Once again thank you for your support, and please recommend this to your friends and family.

Sleepy17 :)

Thanks to a comment from DodgeDude5498 I also have a few more suprises coming soon!



400, Pictures, and Brickset!

Hello everyone! For the next few weeks, there’s going to be a lot of Lego Puzzle Cube content rollin’ in! But first, thank you for all of your support and extremely kind comments! I am also very glad to celebrate this project reaching 400 supporters. This means we are now 1/25 of the way to 10K! We are very thankful to FlagsNZ from for helping us with this accomplishment. He brought 36 supporters to this project with his latest article, Ideas Showcase. Because we reached this 400 vote milestone, I’ve decided to show you all some new pictures of Lego Puzzle Cube!

These pictures were shot a while ago so, FYI, the hinge parts on the triangle display base are not dark, but light gray. I have the light gray parts for the triangle base, but the pictures were taken before they arrived.

These pictures are actually from my first prototype. The biggest difference between the two cubes is that the prototype includes a handy travel case. Please tell me in the comments if you like the travel case or not. If you like it, I have brainstormed a few ideas for a transparent case to match with the current base.

This is a render I did on Blender using the Mecabricks Blender Lite Add-on. I am still testing this method and trying to find the best and fastest settings. Please tell me in the comments if you like the Blender render or the pictures of the real life model. I need your input to figure out how to present my projects in the future.


Once again, thank you for supporting and following this project! Please share this with you family and friends! Also, I would like to give a special thanks to FlagsNZ for his article on, and to JD_BRICKS for taking these amazing pictures for me! Thank you, and I wish everyone luck on their projects. Have a happy Easter!



The Man on the Moon Needs You!

On January 15th the LEGO Group announced the LEGO Moments in Space Challenge which allowed you to submit space themed entries until February 9. From the 9th to the 19th of February, I need your help to get my entry, The Man on the Moon, into the top 25 most voted entries. From there it has a chance to be a runner-up or even the winner! I can’t do this on my own so I need your help to gain supporters. Please help spread the word with you friends and family. Also, if you have connections with any blogs or have a large following on social media, your help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the description and a few photos from my entry:

This entry is an original version of the Man on the Moon. The entry has 243 pieces and includes a house, a park bench, a bed, a table, a plant enclosed in a glass case, and one minifigure. Please help support this entry so it can become a real Gift with Purchase set! Thank you in advance for your support and good luck to all of the other entries.


P.S. I will have a update soon which will have pictures of a real life model!


The Begining of the End!

Hey guys, yesterday was an amazing day! In total, I believe we gained 85 supporters in just one day! I would like to thank all of the supporter for taking their time to help make Lego Puzzle Cube a reality. I have had some people ask me how I pulled off getting the 85 and to be honest I have no idea how it happened. At first my ultimate goal was to hit 100 votes but since it is still going at a good rate I have decided that I will try to take the next step to get to the next milestone. I have calculated that if I get at least 2 votes every day, starting now, I will get to 1,000 with almost a month to spare. If you like this project check out my other project; Clash of Clans, which needs help to reach 100 votes. If you would like to check out Clash of Clans go to the following link: https// My order from Pick-A-Brick has arrived (well sort of) and I hope to be showing you all a brick built model of Lego Puzzle Cube soon! When I say my “order” it actually has a very interesting story!


Originally with this project I was going to show you all a real brick-built model but I liked how the POV renderings came out so I used them instead. Even though I decided to use the renderings I still wanted to make a real model to show you all (and maybe make a video someday). I ordered the pieces from LEGO’s Pick A Brick on October 6 but they said that it would arrive on October 17. I hoped I would have been able to get them earlier but my order had to be hand picked. The parts I ordered for the project came out to be about $20 (USD) but I added a few more to bump it up to about $35 (USD) to get free shipping. In the end it came out to be about $40 (USD) with taxes and all (which I think is a bargain to get exactly what I wanted). Finally October 17 came and the box arrived (and just in time)! We were about to leave somewhere when suddenly I said, “the mail truck is here”. Oh, I forgot to tell you that when I ordered my parts I got a free “D2C Excl MF Cave Set V160” Well, when I got my box (it seemed like it should have been heavier) I opened it at once to find that they only shipped the free set separate from the pieces I ordered! In the end I figured out that the order with the actual part would arrive on October 23 or 24. Don’t get me wrong! I wouldn't say it was a bad experience but just said how much they wasted on shipping! I would highly recommend ordering from Pick A Brick and I will probably be doing it again.






P.S. I’m sorry this update was a little late but the story happened when I was writing and I just had to tell you all!





100 Votes and How I Found Ideas

First of all I would like to thank all of you for getting this project to 100 supporters! I would also like to give a shout out SmileyGuy for bringing many supporters and being very active in the comments. To help thank him I would recommend going to his page and supporting his projects as giving back what he has helped us accomplish.


When I started doing LEGO Ideas, I said that when I had my first project gain 100 votes I would release an update explaining how I found Ideas. I would like to apologize for making you all wait so long for this update. I really wanted to make you all wait until I reached 100 votes but I could see you guys where beginning to grow impatient. Finally the time has come and all I would like to say is please sit back, relax, and enjoy the following story!


This story takes place when I was a was a young builder and loved to go to LEGO’s website and look for any new Ninjago or NexoKnights episodes. One day I had watched all the most recent episodes when I remembered that LEGO Friends also had episodes. So, I went to the Friends page and saw that they had a few episodes on there. The episodes where okay (you should check them out yourself some time) but the thing that really intrigued me was a contest which was called (as a few of you may know because your kids might have done it) “Friends Designer”. It was a contest to see who could make the best idea for a LEGO Friends set. If you won you would have the privilege to go to Denmark for a week and make your set a reality with the real Friends designers. I entered seven entries but in the end, to nobody’s surprise except for mine, I lost. It was a crushing defeat for me. The worst part of it was that if they ever did another contest a year or two later I would be too old. I really wished there was another place to display projects. A few days later (or weeks, I am not sure), I did a simple search that led me to LEGO Ideas. I had seen LEGO Cuusoo in the LEGO Brickumentary but I didn't think much about it at the time. I was so happy until I learned that you had to be at least thirteen years old to participate. I decided that I would start working on a project and when I was the right age I would join LEGO Ideas. It took me a lot longer to make Clash of Clans than I expected but I never stopped watching projects, reading blog posts, and getting myself used to the LEGO Ideas platform. Finally I made a LEGO Ideas profile and submitted my first project a week or so later. So, that is how I found LEGO Ideas.



The Begining!

The Beginning


I would like to welcome you to the “LPCSG”. The LPCSG (Lego Puzzle Cube Support Group) is a group for anybody that has supported, commented, or followed the project, followed my profile, is to young to do ideas but is still watching this project (like I used to do), or just helping spread the word. This might explain why I have and will always say (we) or (us) when I am speaking of the project. I speak like this because it takes all of us. I can’t get to 10,000 votes just by myself. I need the community, I need a team.


As you may now, this is my second Lego ideas project submitted. If you would like to see my past project “Clash of Clans” please click the following link: As you may also now, I have said in my last project that I would release my “how I found ideas” update if I hit 100 supporters before the 60 days ran out. I will also release my “how I found ideas” update if I hit 100 before Clash of Clans.


Please help spread the word! It would help so much if you could help spread the word with your friends, family, Lego Groups, blogs, forums and social media. I would like to thank all of who will help support this project in the future. If you have any questions about this project please ask them in the comments. I am serious I am always open for questions and I will try to reply to all of your comments. I will also release small updates in the comments every day or so or when something big happens. Every once-in-a-while I will be sending shout outs when I hit a milestone!


I would also like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a TFOL and huge fan of Lego. I have been Building with Lego since I was about 5 or 6 but I didn’t start building MOCs until I was about twelve. I was twelve years old when I first publicly showcased my work (you can read about this in my upcoming “how I found ideas” update. My ultimate goal and dream is to become the youngest person to join the 10K club or even become a real set.


Thank you for your support and following.




PS Sorry Smiley Guy I wish I could have sent a better hint picture but I wanted to keep this project really secret.

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