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Lego Puzzle Cube


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The Project: This project consists of two cubes, one hard 4x4 cube and one easy 3x3 cube. You must disassemble one cube to build the other. The main measurement of this project is the unit. Each unit is a smaller cube which is exactly two studs or five plates tall, wide, and long. Groups of units are attached or connected together to form puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces are then attached or connected to each other to form the main cube. There are 64 units in the 4x4 cube and 27 units in the 3x3 cube. This project also includes two display bases, one square base and one triangle base. The triangle base is compatible with both cubes but the square base is only compatible with the 4x4 cube.


This project has 237 LEGO pieces. The project includes a 4x4 cube with seven puzzle pieces, a 3x3 cube with five puzzle pieces, a triangle display base, and a square display base. The dimensions of the project (without both display bases) are 2 ½ in. (64 mm.) on all sides for the 4x4 cube and 1 in. (48 mm.) on all sides for the 3x3 cube.


The idea came to me when I had just discovered (as many of you already know) the magic 5:2 ratio for SNOT building. With this discovery now I could make bookshelves, perfectly square blocks, windows signs, and other cool stuff! First I tried making accurate cubes. Then I thought, “I should try making 3D shapes out of these cubes.” They turned out to be exactly as I wanted them. “What if I used these shapes to make some kind of puzzle?” I said to myself. So, that is how it all began and I think it came out great!


I believe this project would interest LEGO fans all over the world! This project is great for play and can keep me busy for hours. On the other hand, its beautiful design is great for display. Some people have tested it and enjoy playing with it. I have also used it myself and love the look of it displayed on my desk. When you have figured out the 3x3 cube, you can easily move on to the 4x4 cube.


About Myself: I am a TFOL, and I love the LEGO platform. I have been building LEGO since I was about six or seven years old, but it wasn’t really until I was about twelve when I first started really getting into making MOCs. I believe LEGO Ideas has helped me become a better builder in many ways, and it is my favorite site to see other MOCs and what is going on in the LEGO community.

Please help spread the word, and thank you in advance for following and supporting this project.

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