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Clash of Clans


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Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game. In the game your goal is to attack other players, collect loot, upgrade your village, and rise to the top.


The Project

This project is a modular, level three, Clash of Clans builder base and is 100% accurate in size and quantity.


Characters: four barbarians, three archers, a giant, a minion, and a wall breaker.


Buildings: ten walls, a builder hall, a laboratory, a barrack, a gem mine, a gold mine, a gold storage, an elixir collector, an elixir storage, and three army camps.


Defenses: an archer tower, two cannons, a double cannon, a crusher, and an air defense.


Traps: a hidden tesla, two spring traps, two mines, and two push traps.


Decorations: a grove, two trees, two stones, eleven grass, and an old barbarian statue.


With this project you can customize your village just like the game. You can simulate real battles with the characters, play with your friends, and even decorate your village. There are so many ways to play, create, and have fun. How will you play?


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