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Star Wars All Terrain Scout Transport


The AT-ST was used in the Battle of Endor. The AT-ST goes very easily on snow and grass which turn them very important for any battle field. Also the AT-ST participated in the Battle of Hoth. 

Most AT-ST´s are popular than AT-AT´s. AT-ST´s can be easy to destroy by rebel guns, blasters and rebel air support. Because they have long legs, they are subjects to traps.  

On the positive side, AT-ST´s can be faster, easy to maneuver and are lightweight as well than AT-ATs. Some AT-ST´s can be used for patrolling and reconnaissance. They serve for supporting the big cousins AT-ATs.

This AT-ST is easy to build and can be part of any other LEGO Star Wars set. It has 100 pieces.

Please take a look at all the pictures.

Thank you for looking the AT-ST and looking forward for your support.

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