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Air Canada 737 MAX


Detailed Tour

The 737 MAX is a mid-sized passenger aircraft used in short-haul flights on airlines such as Air Canada.

The shaping of the engines and subtle angle of the wings are constructed with more accuracy than any LEGO passenger plane of this scale.

The plane sports a black, white, and grey livery with a bold red Air Canada logo. There is also a Star Alliance logo near the front of the fuselage.

This model passenger plane features brick-built techniques to build the tail cone at the rear of the aircraft.  

Underneath each wing are those 3 pointed bits, called track fairings, which are realistically depicted here.

This LEGO model also has the curved underside or “belly” of the aircraft represented here.

The aircraft’s landing gears are removable and can snap into place when displaying the model.

Segments of the roof are removable to access the interior.

The cockpit of the plane can seat both the pilot and co-pilot minifigures side-by-side. The cockpit has controls for both pilots.

Next, here we have the Business Class cabin of the plane. Each business class seat has its own private “pod” seat with in-flight-entertainment screen and a spacious side table. There are also 2 holding places for luggage at the front.

The cabin toward the back of the plane is the Economy Class cabin. The seats are spacious here as well and each seat has its own luggage holding place.

In between the 2 classes of cabins is a small galley. There are grey wall shelves, a coffee maker, and a small sink on the opposite side.

This traditional model airplane display stand is built with strong, interlocking Technic pieces and has an economical piece count – just 60 pieces for the stand itself.



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