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Air Canada 737 MAX

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Set Description

   The 737 MAX is the newest aircraft in the 737 family of passenger planes and looks absolutely stunning in Air Canada’s white, black and red livery. Whether you get this model plane kit as a travel souvenir or a piece of décor for one’s home or office, this LEGO Ideas set would make the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in aviation.  

   This beautiful model aircraft kit makes for a very displayable piece that would look great on the included display stand or in a LEGO City airport layout. Inside the fuselage you can seat the pilot minifigures side-by-side in the cockpit and seat passengers in the economy class and business class cabins.

   Instead of using some of the larger, “pre-fabricated” airplane LEGO pieces, this set offers new brick-built techniques to build the engines, wings, and tail cone of the plane. The aircraft also has attachable landing gears so it can be displayed in a grounded position.  


  • Aircraft measures 50 cm long, 47 cm wide, 16 cm tall. 657 pieces.
  • Includes aircraft, display stand with plaque, and 2 pilot minifigures
  • The wings and tail feature realistic angles and proportions and the jet engines are brick-built using complex techniques
  • Roof lifts off to access the cockpit, galley, and the economy and business class cabins.
  • A set of removable landing gear wheels are included to display the plane in a grounded position.

Detailed Tour

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10 reasons why this would make a great LEGO set:  

  1. There has been a lack of detailed, real-life aircraft in LEGO that appeal to older fans.
  2. Although travel is currently at a stand-still due to the pandemic, many travelers and aviation fans still have a desire to go fly on a plane.
  3. Instead of using large, pre-fabricated, "juniorized" LEGO airplane pieces, brick-built solutions are used to build the wings, tail, and engines of the aircraft.
  4. The plane is both playable and displayable. You can either use the plane with minifigures in a LEGO City setting, or you could display this model plane as a piece of décor at home or at the office.
  5. The reasonable piece count of this medium-sized set (657 pieces) would make this set priced at a very affordable retail price.
  6. This set could make an incredible souvenir gift for friends and family of all ages if purchased at an airport!
  7. Some pieces would be made in new colors, including metallic silver pieces on the engines.
  8. LEGO has worked with Air Canada in the past an produced 2 sets: set 610 Rescue Helicopter, and set 611 Air Canada Jet Plane.  
  9. The Air Canada black, white, and red livery looks exquisite - like a premium product. Air Canada is an award-winning airline in North America known for its world-class and friendly service.
  10. Even non-LEGO fans will be impressed by the level of detail and have an interest in this LEGO model plane kit.

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